A Brief History Of Wolf City

Wolf City started as a single player map.  I was experimenting with schematics and wanted to see if I could build a city.  Around the same time both servers that I played on went down.  I liked playing alone, but occasionally wanted to play with others.  Seeing the creations that people came up with never ceased to amaze me.  Schematics were cool, but I wanted to see things unfold in real time.

So I made the server.  Wolf City Server.

At first I only invited a friend to play, Gearcog I worked on the city while he wandered off to do whatever it is that he does.  (I'm still not sure what that is exactly).  As the city center and spawn area came together we were nearing the point of inviting others to come on.

And then it happened. . .  I posted this -  Wolf City

Players started to come to us.  Builds started to appear.  Amazing builds!  The city started to take shape.  A fiendish plan was being formed in my giant noggin.

We were going to build the largest city in Minecraft history.  We were going to make it the most complete and varied city/metropolis ever conceived.  It was going to be awesome. . . and it is.

This is still very much a work in progress.  The finished city will be simply amazing.  (Is it possible to ever finish it?)

Join us.

Wouldn't  you like to be a part of Minecraft history?


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